Logistics & Packing

Material Handling Systems

We understand that your company must keep up logistically in today's fast-paced world. Our material handling systems and material flow solutions promote shorter turnaround times and higher volumes of output. Efficient business operations stem from proper material handling solutions - just like the ones provided by Treston.

Traditional logistics companies have expanded their business from traditional warehousing to material flow handling. In addition to transportation and warehousing, final assembly, testing and packing are often integrated into the logistics chain.

We provide products and solutions that meet the needs of even the most demanding logistics and packing companies. Most importantly, they are designed to adapt to all of your changing needs.

Productivity & Flexibility in the Workplace

Material handling and logistics are all about productivity. Is your company completing tasks and transporting materials fast enough? If not, it's time to switch to ergonomic furniture. Our material handling solutions - including shipping and receiving tables, lab benches and more - are designed with ergonomics in mind. Your facility (and employees) has specific needs. Don't settle for old systems that don't get the job done right. 

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Our references:

FNAC Logistics, Hobby Hall, Itella, Nike, La Redoute, FNAC Logistique, JM Bruneau, Daher, ETRA Oy, KPSS Finland, SG Nieminen, Konecranes Oy, Onninen Oy, Nike Customer Service Center, Nike Sports (China), Christie's Auction House (New York)

Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Hermès, Chanel, Delvaux


Christie's, NYC: Custom Packing Solution Delivers Form and Function for Fine Arts Auction House

"The Treston team was a great partner in designing a custom packing bench and worktable solution for Christie’s.  The final product is perfectly stable, level, and fitted out for the examination and packing of high value fine art objects.  We are not only pleased with the function but the form as well.  The packing desk has a clean look that fits in well in our galleries.  Delivery was timely and the assembly was handled very professionally."

- Emily Sarokin, VP, Director of Gallery Operations and Client Services



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