HOW TO: Customize a Trolley to Suit your Environment


Work is not always confined to a single workstation and tools must be moved around accordingly. Whether you are working in a laboratory, a machine shop, or an assembly plant, the addition of a trolley can be a great asset to your workplace. Trolleys can provide additional mobile work or storage space, and can be used to transport various items throughout your facility.

Each task is different and requires dedicated tools. Due to their modularity and versatile accessory components, trolleys are easy to design and adapt to suit a multitude of users and applications. If you select one of Treston’s many trolleys, a custom solution can be created from a variety of standard accessory components.

Below are just a few examples of how a standard Treston trolley can be customized to specific applications using our large range of accessories.



Example Application: Healthcare
When outfitted with shelves and dividers, our Multi trolley can be used as a suture cart in a medical facility.

Treston Multi trolley frames use the same style slotted uprights as those used to mount accessories above the worksurface of Treston benches. Because of this, Treston Multi trolleys can incorporate many of the same accessories as our benches. In the example above, a healthcare facility has attached shelves with dividers for holding suture boxes. Other accessories, such as a folder holder and a bin rail with bins complete the trolley, offering a fully-equipped mobile storage option. Multi trolleys come in two standard heights, and include adjustable shelves. Click here for more information on the Treston Multi trolley.



Example Application: Automotive
A Basic trolley can be used in a car repair shop, with a lockable cabinet for tools and shelves for equipment.

Much like Treston Multi trolleys, Basic trolleys are also composed of slotted uprights and are the most adaptable trolley in our offering. With 6 standard configurations and a wide range of add-on products, the Treston Basic trolley can be customized to any workplace need. Above you can see how an autobody shop has loaded a Basic trolley 4 configuration with hooks and bins to meet their needs. This shop opted for a black color finish to match seamlessly with their branding.

Treston Basic trolleys offer a great solution for mobile tool and equipment storage. The possibilities are endless! To choose a Basic trolley configuration, or customize a trolley for your environment, click here.

Here is a new animation showcasing the capabilities of our Basic trolleys!



Example Applications: Electronics Manufacturing
A two-shelf trolley (shown above with an additional shelf and equipment bracket) can be used for transporting sensitive equipment throughout the facility.

Treston two and four shelf trolleys are great for general use in environments such as workshops, offices, production areas, labs and hospitals. With a light but sturdy structure, these trolleys can transport a variety of materials throughout a facility. Extra shelves can be added, as well as accessories such as shelf dividers, mesh panels, and document holders. Click here to find out more!



Example Application: Healthcare
Use a mobile workstation trolley in medical facilities for doctor’s rounds, in recovery rooms, or anywhere there is a need to bring mobile equipment close to patients.

Treston’s Mobile Workstation trolley is exactly what the name describes – a mobile workstation! This trolley can be used either with a laptop computer or Medical PC. A laptop computer can be used either on the work surface or housed in the enclosure underneath it, in which case the screen can be seen through the opening in the rear edge. Then, a separate keyboard can be kept either on the work surface or on a keyboard and mouse tray (optional). There are holes in the laptop enclosure for routing cables. The mobile workstation trolley is equipped with a gas spring, which enables stepless height adjustment. A variety of additional accessories are available, including: tablet holders, bin holders and bins, and brackets for holding bottles, folders and glove boxes.

For more information on these trolleys and additional healthcare trolley options, click here.



Example Application: Fulfillment
Packing trolleys, equipped with dividers, bins or document holders, are a great addition to a fulfillment center, where storage and transport of packing materials is vital to daily operation.

To create a fully functioning packaging area, Treston has developed an extensive packing product offering, including benches and a variety of trolleys. Whether you need mobile storage for boxes and materials, or need to transport packaged goods to another location, there is a packing trolley for you. Above you can see two packing trolleys with added accessories such as dividers and bins. For our complete line of packing trolleys, click here.



No matter your need or environment, Treston trolleys can be configured in a variety of ways from our wide range of standard accessories. The trolleys shown above only scratch the surface of Treston’s mobile solutions. Contact a representative today to learn more!