HOW TO: Design a Custom Workspace in 4 Easy Steps


In 2011, Treston (formerly Sovella) launched the 3D Design Configurator, a tool designed to make designing a workspace easier than ever before. This interactive design tool allows users to configure an entire workspace according to their specific needs. In 4 easy-to-follow steps, the user selects their items and watches the workspace come to life right on their screen!

Once satisfied with their design, the user submits their configuration for a speedy quote and parts list. The Treston 3D Configurator is free to use, requires no software downloads, and works with virtually any device. Treston even has an iPad app for the tool, called iBench.

In the 6 years since it was first debuted, Treston has worked to perfect the Configurator and the workstation ordering process. At the start of 2017, several additional products were added, including 2 new bench platforms and a variety of new accessories. An updated layout offers further ease-of-use.

With the Treston 3D Configurator, designing a workspace has truly never been easier! Follow these four simple steps to design your own custom workspace.

  1. Start by choosing the workstation frame best suited for your application. A variety of frame options are available for different tasks and environments. Among the bench platforms is the ever-popular Concept workbench, available in manual, hand crank and motorized height-adjustment options.
  2. Step 2 expands on the frame style with the selection of bench size and work surface type. Treston offers many options to choose from.
  3. Next, select uprights if need. Uprights allow for attachment of accessories above the work surface, such as shelves and monitor arms. Uprights are available in varying heights and widths. If uprights are selected, you then have the option of adding upright accessories. These accessories can be placed in 6 positions along the height of the upright.
  4. The final step completes the workstation with additional accessories. These accessories include drawer units, casters, chairs, trolleys, and many more!

At any time in the design process, you can rotate your configuration or zoom in for a closer look. Once complete, a parts list and drawing will be sent to you by email.

For more information on how to design your custom workspace using the Treston 3D Configurator, click here and watch our Configurator explainer video!

The Treston 3D Configurator: Click. Design. Quote.