Packing Stations - from an all-in-one packing table to a complete packaging solution

Are you looking for an easy packing bench option or an industrial packaging solution which can answer varying needs and is highly adjustable?

Treston packing table options can answer both these needs. In addition to benches, Treston can also offer matching trolleys, cabinets, lights, chairs and more to complete a fully functional workstation.

industrial packaging solutions and packing tables from Treston

An ergonomic workstation, where everything is in its place, enables faster and more accurate packing, improves safety, makes it easier to switch between packing personnel and creates a clean and less-stressful atmosphere. Improved efficiency makes larger volumes and more revenue opportunities possible.

Why invest in a packing station?

  • Improve efficiency, accuracy and safety
  • Make it easy to switch between packing personnel
  • Create a clean and less-stressful environment, thus energizing packing personnel
  • Enable larger volumes and more revenue opportunities

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Packing Bench TPB Packing Bench Concept



What our customers have to say:

"The Treston team was a great partner in designing a custom packing bench and worktable solution for Christie’s.  The final product is perfectly stable, level, and fitted out for the examination and packing of high value fine art objects.  We are not only pleased with the function but the form as well.  The packing desk has a clean look that fits in well in our galleries.  Delivery was timely and the assembly was handled very professionally."
- Emily Sarokin, Christie's Auction House, New York



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