Treston - A Trusted Industrial Furniture Manufacturer

As an industrial furniture manufacturer, our goal here at Treston is to make your life easier. Our products bring ergonomics to your workplace to improve productivity, efficiency, safety and more. All of our products, from industrial workstations to heavy duty trolleys, from packing tables to tool storage systems, from lab benches to industrial shelving, are designed with you in mind. 

The Treston product family includes:

How Ergonomic Furniture Helps You

Employee Satisfaction: our industrial furniture is ergonomically friendly, meaning it provides the most comfort possible for your employees.

Productivity: when employees are happy, productivity goes up. Ergonomic designs provide a more organized workplace and eliminate downtime.

Safety: Treston's products reduce the risk of employee injury and inventory damage - leading to more cost savings for your business.

Don't see what you're looking for? Give us a call at 770-721-7980 to talk with one of our industrial furniture product specialists. They'll help you find the solution you need to bring ergonomics to your workplace.