Treston perforated panel products put purpose into working

Treston perforated panels are

  • efficient deviders of space,
  • practical storage facilities for tools and equipment, and
  • part of a well-organized and tidy work space.

Perforated panel products are available for direct attachment to the wall or, for attachment to upright profiles or tubes. Modular industrial screens can be used as sound-insulating space dividers by equipping them with perforated back panel elements with fireproof insulation.

With Treston perforated panel products and hooks, workstations, tools and equipment all work towards easy and streamlined working processes. The perforated panel products include:

  • Perforated back panels that are attached to the upright tubes.
  • Perforated wall panels that are attachable either directly to the wall with screws, or to the upright profiles. Steel shelves, suspension rails, perforated back and wall panels, and perforated panel cabinets can be attached to the upright tubes as well.
  • Modular industrial screens that can be equipped with almost any number of various accessories. Industrial screens can be used as space dividers. They also provide noise insulation.
  • The original Treston tool storage system offers plenty of storage for minimal floor space. Although the load capacity is 220 lbs per panel, they are easy to move due to a wheel on the lower edge of the panel. A maximum of 10 panels can be attached to a single tool storage system.