ModuLine Material flow solution


Treston ModuLine is a unique material flow solution from modules.

Pre-engineered and well thought-out aluminum modules make designing and assembling a complete line easy, fast, safe and cost-efficient. Companies which seek to optimize their production line without automation, have a large product range but short cycles, or have outsourced engineering or maintenance, now have a chance to shift with ease to a more organized material handling.

Treston ModuLine caters to varying needs, no matter what the function or layout needed:

  • Five pre-engineered aluminum modules provide multiple layout options
  • All major production lines can be realized: I-Line, L-Line, U-Line
  • Carefully pre-chosen parts, sizes and heights
  • Modules fit seamlessly together - safe choice
  • ESD protected
  • Quick to assemble, within a day
  • Easy to modify or extend the line to adapt to changing needs
  • Wide variety of accessories available

Treston ModuLine consists of the following modules:

ModuLine Stop table
39.37 in
ModuLine Rotation table
39.37 in
ModuLine Extension
39.37 in
ModuLine Extension
19.69 in
ModuLine Curve
19.69 x 19.69 in

Some examples of accessories:

Bin profile Steel shelf


Treston LED Lighting LCD swivel arm Power rail
Pallet set
11.81 x 11.81 in
Floor fixing kit