ModuLine Material flow solution


Treston ModuLine is a unique material flow solution from modules.

Pre-engineered and well thought-out aluminum modules make designing and assembling a complete line easy, fast, safe and cost-efficient. Companies which seek to optimize their production line without automation, have a large product range but short cycles, or have outsourced engineering or maintenance, now have a chance to shift with ease to a more organized material handling.

material flow solution from Treston

Treston ModuLine caters to varying needs, no matter what the function or layout needed:

  • Five pre-engineered aluminum modules provide multiple layout options
  • All major production lines can be realized: I-Line, L-Line, U-Line
  • Carefully pre-chosen parts, sizes and heights
  • Modules fit seamlessly together - safe choice
  • ESD protected
  • Quick to assemble, within a day
  • Easy to modify or extend the line to adapt to changing needs
  • Wide variety of accessories available

Treston ModuLine consists of the following modules:

Treston's ModuLine material handling system Material handling solutions from Treston  
ModuLine Stop table
39.37 in
ModuLine Rotation table
39.37 in
Extension workbench from Treston ModuLine extension from Treston ModuLine Curve Module from Treston
ModuLine Extension
39.37 in
ModuLine Extension
19.69 in
ModuLine Curve
19.69 x 19.69 in

Some examples of accessories:

Bin profile, industrial furniture Steel shelving for industrial tables  
Bin profile Steel shelf


Treston LED Lighting LCD Swivel Arm for a workbench workbench power rail from Treston
Treston LED Lighting LCD swivel arm Power rail
Pallet sets for workbenches Floor fixing kit for a material flow system  
Pallet set
11.81 x 11.81 in
Floor fixing kit