Storage Systems and Tool Organization: Drawer units, modular shelving systems, cabinets and perforated panels and hooks for versatile industrial storage solutions

Treston’s versatile storage solutions provide a wide selection of practical, modular, durable and load-bearing industrial drawer units, shelves and cabinets for tool storage. They are sure to keep the working environments tidy and efficient for all industrial sectors. The central product families within this large range of industrial furniture are

  • drawer units
  • industrial storage systems and heavy storage systems, and shelving
  • industrial cabinets
  • storage bins
  • perforated panels and hooks

The best and most convenient end results are achieved with designing and fitting the storage solutions into the space being furnished. This kind of purpose-built shelving is easily accessible with Sovella industrial furniture and workspace solutions.

The storage systems and solutions are built with special consideration for the load capacities needed alongside the varying space dimensions. Shelves also make excellent space dividers.

Functional storage significantly extends the service life and condition of tools. Lockable drawers and cabinets ensure that the tools are dealt with appropriately. With the help of extension parts and other accessories like hooks and perforated panels and plates, the industrial shelves, cabinets, and storage systems convert into versatile tool storage solutions.