Stacking Bins

Designed to facilitate easy stock selection and picking. The open front gives easy access and the corrugated base helps to retrieve contents, especially smaller sized and flat objects. 8 sizes available. Our stacking bins are suitable for stands, trolleys, bin rails, table stand, standard metric shelving, and parts retrieval systems. Bright colors are available for color coding. A new grey color has been introduced to this range. The crystal clear bin allows visual identification of the contents even when an index label is used. Accessories: width dividers of grey epoxy enamelled steel (RAL 7035). Labels with protective self-adhesive.

The open fronted design allows for easy access.

Corrugated base eases picking of small items.

Bin rail for stacking and picking bins. Suitable for stacking bins 1015-1930, ordered separately.

Full width label with protective self-adhesive shield is easy to keep clean and change when necessary. Labels ordered separately.

Width dividers of grey epoxy enamelled steel (RAL 7035).

The adhesive labels can be fixed to the front side and to the divider.


See ESD Stacking Bins operation and assembly video here. Please note, video states metric sizes; imperial conversions can be found on this page.