Treston Wall Shelving

The Treston wall shelving system is perfect for storing items in spaces where order is paramount. The Treston shelving system can easily be modified according to need and is reusable, since it can be dismantled and reinstalled in a new location with minimal effort. Treston wall shelving can be mounted on the wall either directly or using a horizontal rail. The system consists of horizontal rails and upright profiles, with a wide range of steel shelves, as well as accessories (perforated panels and hooks, bin rails, cabinets, etc). Shelves are available in various standard widths and depths. All parts of the Treston shelving system are compatible.

Quick and Easy Installation!

Simply hang the vertical upright on the oval horizontal rail and slide to the desired width. Add shelves, cabinets, or other Treston accessories and your shelving system is complete!


Click here to view the Wall Shelving cut sheet.