Workplace chairs - for any industrial and technical working environment

High-performance chairs with maximum customer benefits for any industrial and technical working environment.

Treston offers specialized seating solutions for industrial and technical working environments. Our high-quality technical products fulfil the highest requirements, offer outstanding value for money and meet the requirements of every single workplace - from production and packaging to standing work, ESD areas and R&D. Treston chairs ensure safety in the workplace by fulfilling the requirements of DIN 68 877 standard and by carrying the GS safety mark.

A short introduction to workplace chair ergonomics

The ergonomic requirements of workplace chairs in industrial and technical environments are inherently different to those in other areas, such as offices. The jobs carried out at manufacturing workstations may involve force, precision skills and repetitive movements, and it is not always possible to adopt an ideal position in relation to the work piece. A workplace chair must adapt perfectly to the working environment and to the person, in order to enable necessary actions when seated - without adopting unhealthy positions or unnatural postures and without affecting productivity and efficiency.

A good workplace chair easily adjusts to the person using it and supports the person doing the task in various working positions.

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