Workshop™ worktables are designed for the most demanding use and environments. Mechanical workshops, garages, and heavy industry are environments where chemicals, heavy loads, and heavy use necessitate strength and durability. The Workshop™ table is guaranteed for regular use with loads up to 1650 Lbs. Also, the possibilities to adapt for individual needs through the use of accessories are very versatile.

Designing a Workshop Workstation


Step 1 - Select the appropriate bench top


Steel Top PVC with steel edges Hardwood Butcher Block ShopTop


Step 2 - Select a support for both ends of the bench top


Adjustable or Fixed Legs Drawer Units


Step 3 - Use a spacer bar to stabilize the bench


Spacer Bars


Step 4 - An accessory frame can be used instead of a spacer bar if upright tubes are used


Upright Attachment Frame


Step 5 - Equip with accessories!


Lower Shelves Perforated Panels LED Lighting


Browse our accessories page for more options.


Preconfigured Units: