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Eliminate work-related injuries with AI-assisted ergonomic assessments

Utilizing AI computer vision software*, our ergonomics experts closely examine your workflow, identify risks and craft a tailored action plan to improve your environment's ergonomics. 

  • Quick and easy assessment process
  • No interruptions for workers

Ready to assess your workflow and unleash its true potential?

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*powered by TuMeke Ergonomics

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Treston ErgoID™ Ergonomics Assessment packages
Ideal for individuals and small teams starting their ergonomic journey.

One Assessment +
Detailed Video Report

1 processed video report
Detailed assessment of current work flow
Action plan for improving problem areas
US and Canada only
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A deeper dive into ergonomics with personalized workspace strategies.

Up to 5 Assessments +
Detailed Video Reports +
Virtual Consultation

Up to 5 processed video reports
Up to 5 detailed assessments
Action plan for improving problem areas
Virtual consultation with ergonomics specialist

1 hour, unlimited participants

General ergonomics guide
US and Canada only
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For organizations seeking a hands-on approach to ergonomics.

On-Site Assessment +
Detailed Video Reports +
Personalized Training

Ergonomics specialist provides on-site assessment with video reports
On-site training in workspace usability and adaptability
Two days training included

One day for video recording, one day for training based on assessments (travel costs included).

Full access to ergonomics resource library
quoted per project
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All packages utilize AI computer vision software, powered by TuMeke Ergonomics, to identify ergonomic working positions. This technology is backed by military-grade security that is utilized by companies, such as Amazon. Treston ensures safe handling of all work flow videos submitted by users of Treston ErgoID™ services. Treston utilitizes ergonomics standards RULA, REBA, and the NIOSH lifting equation in our assessments. Click here to read more about our safe handling procedures.

AI-Assisted Industrial Ergonomics Assessment Service

Creating a safe and productive work environment in industrial settings is paramount to the success of any organization. By combining AI computer vision software* with our ergonomic experts' knowledge, Treston ErgoID™  is dedicated to enhancing worker safety, optimizing performance, and minimizing the risk of work-related injuries.

*powered by TuMeke Ergonomics

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Utilizing cutting-edge AI computer vision software, we analyze your work flow to provide in-depth insights into the ergonomics of your environment.
With expert recommendations from our ergonomics specialists and virtual or on-site ergonomics consultations, we empower you to create a healthier, more productive workspace.
By identifying the harmful work postures and providing training for a more ergonomic way of working, we can work together to prevent work-related MSDs.

As a manufacturer of ergonomic furniture, we are committed to promote life-long work ability by helping our customers manage their physical workload. By identifying the harmful work postures and providing training for a more ergonomic way of working, we can work together to prevent work-related MSDs now and in the future.

- Jonna Patama, Ergonomist

The Importance of Industrial Ergonomics Assessment

A study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) found that a comprehensive ergonomics program at a manufacturing plant reduced the incidence of MSDs by 58% and the number of lost workdays by 72%.

Industrial work environments often involve physically demanding tasks, heavy machinery operation, and repetitive motions. Without proper ergonomics, employees can experience chronic pain, fatigue, and debilitating injuries, leading to decreased productivity and increased workers' compensation costs.

Our Industrial Treston ErgoID™ Ergonomics Assessment Service offers the following key benefits:

  1. Identifying Risk Factors: Our ergonomics specialists conduct comprehensive assessments of your industrial workstations and equipment. We evaluate factors such as lifting techniques, repetitive movements, work surface heights, and equipment layout to identify potential ergonomic hazards.
  2. Customized Recommendations: Based on our assessment findings, we provide tailored recommendations to optimize workstations, equipment, and tools. These recommendations are aimed at reducing physical strain, improving posture, and enhancing overall worker comfort.
  3. Training and Education: We believe in empowering your workforce with the knowledge they need to maintain ergonomic best practices. Training sessions include practical techniques, tailored guidance, and access to interactive resources.
  4. Promoting Safety Culture: A strong safety culture is crucial in industrial settings. Our assessments and recommendations foster a safety-conscious environment where employees feel valued and supported in their well-being.
  5. Maximizing Productivity: Ergonomics improvements not only prioritize worker health but also contribute to increased productivity. By reducing fatigue and discomfort, employees can focus on their tasks more efficiently, leading to enhanced operational output.

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Why choose us?
Expertise in Industrial Ergonomics
  • Our team of ergonomics specialists collaborates with AI software* to generate personalized recommendations based on your assessment results.
    *powered by TuMeke Ergonomics
  • From ergonomic furniture suggestions to proper positioning techniques, we provide actionable insights to optimize your comfort and well-being.
Leading Supplier of Ergonomic Furniture
  • 50+ Years of expertise in industrial worksplaces.
  • We understand that each industrial setting has unique challenges.
  • In addition, we are able to recommend the right kind of industrial workstations to support the ergonomic ways of working.
AI-Assisted Ergonomics Assessment
  • Treston ErgoID™ harnesses the power of AI computer vision software, powered by TuMeke Ergonomics, to assess your work flow from every angle.
  • The advanced software captures key ergonomic data, evaluating factors such as posture, equipment placement, and movement patterns. Combined with our valuable expertise, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your workspace ergonomics like never before.
Virtual or On-Site Ergonomics Training
  • Choose between virtual or on-site training sessions led by our experienced ergonomics professionals.
  • Learn practical techniques, receive tailored guidance, and access interactive resources to transform your workspace into an ergonomic haven.
  • Empower yourself and your team to work smarter, healthier, and happier.

Each employer and employee should  be able to identify poor ergonomic conditions and understand how to utilize their furniture properly in order to maximize their investment in ergonomics. This is the foundation of Treston ErgoID™ services.

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