ESD chairs

ESD Task chairs

High-quality Treston ESD chairs, stools, standing rests and saddle chairs offer excellent value for money. We have a comprehensive range of different ESD chairs. Appropriate chair models are available for sit-down, stand-up and sit-stand workstations. Treston seats are safe: our furniture with ESD protection has been granted the GS mark for safety and meets the requirements of both standard IEC 61340-5-1 and standard DIN 68 877. 

Treston has the right fit for you – an ergonomic chair that promotes productivity and efficiency. The maximum warranty period for Treston chairs, sit-stand solutions and work stools is 10 years, and two years for saddle chairs. All Treston chairs are available with ESD protection. 

Learn more from our free e-book: ESD protection in technical and industrial workplaces: a six-point checklist for creating and maintaining ESD- protected areas

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