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Shelves and cabinets

Shelving cabinets for industrial storage by Treston

Shelving cabinets

  • A sturdy cabinet for basic storage.
  • Delivered fully assembled, 4 shelves come as standard.
  • Extra shelves are available.
Treston industrial cabinet is a modular storage solution.

Industrial cabinets

  • Sturdy cabinets with locks and a wide range of accessories.
  • The low models also serve as extra work surfaces.
Treston shelving system for industrial and technical workplaces is modular and versatile. Build a storage based on your own needs.

Shelving system

  • A versatile shelving system for all storage needs.
  • Several depths.
  • Also serves as an individual shelf or cabinet.
  • Accessories.
Treston heavy storage system is a perfect solutions for workshop and other heavy industry environments. Load capacity up to 400 kg per shelf.

Heavy shelving system

  • A solid and durable shelving unit for versatile storage.
  • Versatile accessories.
  • Robust shelves, load capacity up to 880 lbs.
Treston USU extracted

Utility Support Uprights

Treston’s Utility Support Uprights (USU) add utility support above the workspace.


  • Services can be connected via overhead service carriers, or from underneath the surface
  • Attach to Treston workstations or existing lab casework
Reagent Rack work surface mounted uprights

Worksurface Mounted Uprights

  • An ideal addition to new or existing workspaces and casework, where additional shelving is needed. 
Wall Shelving

Wall Shelving

  • Easily modified according to changing needs.
  • Quick to install and configure.
Modular shelving unit, shelf, and cabinet options help create efficient and functional storage for industrial and technical environments. A wide range of accessories helps customize the storage solution to meet the user’s specific needs. A neat work environment improves work pace and safety at work.
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