Perforated panels

Perforated panels made of steel are handy for storing tools and work equipment. They can also serve as a privacy screen between workstations, if necessary. Versatile and modular storage solutions for tools and supplies can be built with perforated panels, hooks, and brackets. Having a designated place for each tool helps keep the work environment neat and organized, improving efficiency at work. Combined with an industrial workbench like the Treston Cornerstone workbench, your workstation is equipped to tackle the toughest industries.

  • The models mounted to upright tubes are suitable for use on workbenches, trolleys, and industrial screens
  • The profiles enable mounting the panels on the wall Models that can be mounted directly onto a wall are also available
  • Hole dimensions 9 x 9 mm, distance 38 mm center-to-center
  • Load capacity: 110 lbs per perforated back panel, 220 lbs per perforated panel
  • A wide range of hooks and brackets for organizing different types of tools and items
  • Models with a smooth back panel also available
  • Standard colors: light grey, dark grey, blue and red. Other colors by order
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