Basic Upright Frame

Like the TP Workbench, the Treston basic upright frame meets your need for a light-weight industrial workbench. This upright frame is a suitable blank-slate workstation for various industrial tasks and environments.

Most notably, it can be fully customized with workbench accessories and your choice of tabletop. With packing, storage, fulfillment, assembly, and testing accessories can all increase your team’s efficiency in a variety of fields and tasks.

Wondering what an ergonomic workstation can do for you and your team? Read about Treston’s commitment to workplace design!

  • A low-cost and cost-effective industrial workbench
  • The table top must be ordered separately
  • Also available with ESD protection
  • Maximum load capacity of frame 660 lbs

For a more solid standard workbench, check out the Treston TP workbench.


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