Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory Furniture

Lab tables

Lab Tables

Treston offers an extensive line of ergonomic lab tables, each highly customizable for any use.
Lab carts

Lab Carts

Treston carts are designed for the transport of lab equipment or for additional workspace in the lab.
Lab storage and shelving

Lab Storage and Shelving

Treston Lab Shelving maximizes storage space and organization for a high-functioning lab.
Lab accessories

Lab Drawers

Light-duty drawer units mounted directly under a workbench to provide more storage.
Lab chairs

Lab Chairs

Improve productivity and well-being in the lab with our ergonomic Treston Lab Chairs.
Circular Dual Monitor Arm

Lab Accessories

Enhance the functionality of your lab with our range of high-quality accessories. Browse shelves, cabinets, power rails, lighting, casters, and more.
Laboratories play a crucial role in advancing scientific research, medical discoveries, and industrial development. However, laboratory workers often face long hours of repetitive tasks, and uncomfortable positions that can lead to physical strain and injuries. That's where ergonomic furniture comes in.
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