TPB packing bench

The Treston TPB packing workbench is a well-thought-out, safe, and easy all-in-one solution for your packing needs. There is a wide range of packing accessories and add-ons available to customize your standard bench. Designed with workplace ergonomics in mind: all the packaging materials are within easy reach. A Treston workbench increases efficiency, accuracy, safety, and comfort, and facilitates the change of shift for packing staff. High-quality TPB packing workstations are suitable for use in dispatch departments, web shops, and logistics centers.

  • The TPB standard package includes: 2 roll holders, an upper shelf, divider hoops, a perforated panel, an auxiliary shelf
  • Plenty of room to work, and space for packaging supplies and materials
  • Adapts and grows according to needs; 50+ accessories, including a tape dispenser, a label dispenser, and a tool holder box
  • Stepless height-adjustable workbench (25.59"–35.43") and above workbench add-on (42.52"–61.02")
  • Easy to buy, transport, and assemble
  • Complete the packing environment with carton trolleys, cutters, proper light fixtures, and ergonomic chairs


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