Lagersysteme und Kleinteilelagerung von Treston


Efficient storage solutions
Treston Schubladen und Magazine aus Kunststoff

Plastic bins and cabinets

• Durable and functional plastic bins, cabinets, and stands for versatile small-parts storage and efficient use of space.
Teollisuushyllyt ja teollisuuskaapit Trestonin valikoimasta

Shelves and cabinets

• Shelving and cabinets help create a neat and efficient work environment.
• Versatile storage with extendable, modular systems.
Treston FiFo Flow Rack 2x2

FiFo Flow Rack

  • Flexible flow-through shelving and storage solution.
  • Easy to modify and extend.
Perforated panels by Treston.

Perforated panels

  • Efficient workstation storage.
  • A wide selection of hooks and brackets.
  • Mount on an upright tube, profile, or on a wall. 
Treston's perforated industrial screens, blue color

Industrial screens

  • Versatile, modular dividers that can be turned into an efficient storage solution with accessories.
  • The screens also block noise.
Treston packing material roll stand is part of the Treston's packing and logistics product offering

Roll stands

  • Sturdy, freestanding, multipurpose stands for rolls of packing material.
Treston tool storage systems

Tool storage systems

Two little giants for efficient and systematic storage of tools and components.

Accessories for storage

A wide range of accessories that enhance the use of storage solutions.
Treston storage systems are modular and easy to use. The product family includes shelves, cabinets, bins, drawers, and perforated panels. Any type of industrial workspace can be organized with Treston storage products. In addition to standard products, customized solutions and products with ESD protection available.
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