Treston BiOX Biokunststoffbehälter für den Einsatz in der Industrie

Product launch: Treston BiOX is the first sustainable wood-based bioplastic storage option for the industry

Industrial customers can now easily make an environmentally conscious choice for their storage areas by choosing Treston BiOX. As an industry first, Treston launches sustainable wood-based bioplastic bins for industrial use. 

The carbon-neutral material for Treston BiOX bins is over 90% wood-based renewable material, residue from pulp production process, and cellulose fibers from sustainably managed forests. The quality, as well as the look and feel, remains the same as with traditional plastic bins. 

“I am excited we are driving the change and can offer new carbon-neutral material options for our customers”, says Esa Siljander, CEO of Treston. “Treston has always stood for high-quality, long-lasting workstation solutions that naturally reduce the need to use our planet’s resources. For decades, we have also paid attention to our manufacturing processes and, for example, the heat from the plastics manufacturing process is recovered to heat the plant premises”, continues Siljander.    

Treston first brings to the market the ‘forest green’ shelf bins, followed by other kinds of storage bins and solutions later in the autumn. Gradually, Treston aims to offer eco-friendly, carbon-neutral alternatives to all fossil-based plastic products and parts. The long-term target is to enable a completely carbon-neutral working station.  

The material for Treston BiOX bins comes from UPM, a global forest industry company and leading fiber-based composite manufacturer. The material for the transparent label shields and cross-dividers comes from the innovative Finnish start-up Woodly. For both companies, the joint development work with Treston marks a first in creating wood-based plastic products for industrial use.    

“We are pleased to collaborate with Treston in innovating the first product made of UPM Formi EcoAce for industrial use. The UPM Formi EcoAce can smoothly replace fossil-based solutions as it is equally good in quality and performance to non-renewable alternatives, but the big advantage is that the material is carbon neutral. The Treston BiOX bins prove that the new sustainable materials stand the test of reliability and high-quality standards also in industrial and professional use”, says Ralf Ponicki, Director, UPM Formi.

“Our unique Woodly® material is a perfect match for Treston’s high-quality and globally used bins. Our collaboration with Treston and the use of Woodly® material in the BiOX bins will ensure a great look and feel for these bio-based products and comparability to traditional plastic options. We could not be more excited about our work together with Treston”, comments Jaakko Kaminen, CEO of Woodly.

The recyclable Treston BiOX shelf bins are available to order starting today.  

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