In honor of Treston's 25th anniversary in the North American market, we are taking a look back at the long, rich history of Treston. Watch the video below to learn more about the growth of Treston from a small, family-owned sheet metal workshop in Finland, to a global supplier of ergonomic workspaces.


General Manager, Eric Dotson, reflects on his years with Treston USA, and the role Treston plays in our society's greatest innovations:

“I am blessed to have been employed by this company for 23 of the 25 years Treston has existed in the North American market. Over these years, I have witnessed many changes and advancements in the industry. Through it all, Treston has always remained true to our roots – helping companies and individuals maximize their efficiency in the workplace. It is our driving goal to make the workplace work. With constant innovation in design, Treston has continuously adapted to the needs of our users.

During our long and rich history, Treston has had the opportunity to partner with some of North America’s greatest innovative leaders whose products shape our society. In our own small way, Treston has been a part of:

  • launching spacecraft into outer space
  • building weapons that defend our nation
  • constructing aircraft for travel and defense
  • producing the vehicles that travel our roadways
  • mining for raw materials that build products and cities
  • creating medical devices that heal injury
  • providing tools that give patients their sight
  • supplying adaptable tables that allow those with disabilities to thrive in the workplace
  • packaging luxury products such as handbags and watches for retailers
  • research and development in laboratories

We are extremely proud of the experiences these opportunities have provided us and the small part we have played in making North America better and more productive.

Treston is more than just a “workbench” company – we are truly a supplier of solutions to individuals who produce great results and innovation. Thank you for allowing us to participate in all of these advancements for such a long period of time. We look forward to providing workspaces to the next great producers and innovators of our time.”


Treston launches newly updated Configurator
Fresh look, larger selection of products

Treston has launched an update to the 3D Design Configurator. Users now have access to 2 new bench platforms and several additional accessories! Among the new products are the ModuLine material flow system and the new TPB918 packing bench, both launched in 2016.

As we seek to continually improve and expand the Configurator's capabilities, users can expect further additions in 2017. The new Treston Configurator is an interactive and user-friendly asset, and we hope all of you take advantage of this great tool!


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