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At Treston, we are committed to promoting safety, efficiency, and well-being in industrial environments. Our two informative webinar series, "ESD & Industrial Workspaces" and "Ergo Goes Factory" are designed to provide you with valuable knowledge and expertise to transform your workplace. 

Browse our webinars below to access past episodes and stay updated on upcoming sessions. We look forward to having you join us on this journey of continuous improvement.

Treston Webinar Series
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Ergo Goes Factory - Webinars
In the Ergo Goes Factory webinars we discuss ergonomics in different industrial working environments. In each episode you will learn more about the importance of ergonomics in different viewpoints.
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ESD & Technical Workspaces - Webinars
Discover our ESD & Technical Workspaces - webinars, where we delve into the world of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) management and industrial workstations. Join us as we explore best practices in ESD control, offering valuable insights for creating safe and efficient workspaces.

Watch previous episodes

Treston ErgoID™ Webinar US
Mastering Industrial Ergonomics: From Workstation Design to AI-Powered Assessment with Treston ErgoID™
ESD & technical workspaces webinar - measuring esd
ESD & Technical Workspaces: Measuring ESD
Treston ergo goes factory - visualisation of ergonomics
Ergo Goes Factory: Visualisation of Ergonomics
Treston Webinar User-centric Design of R&D Labs
Ergo Goes Factory: User-centric Design of R&D Labs
treston webinar sustainable manufacturing lean ergonomics
Ergo Goes Factory: Sustainable Manufacturing with Lean and Ergonomics
treston webinar future inhouse logistics
Ergo Goes Factory: The Future of In-house Logistics





Treston Jonna Patama 400 x 600
Ergonomics Specialist

Jonna Patama is keen on promoting ergonomics and well-being at work as an essential part of the corporate sustainability.

Combination of the background in health sciences and 10 + years in the manufacturing industry provides a versatile base for understanding the need for human factors and ergonomics in the industrial work environment.

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