Treston QuatreX electrical workbench

Treston QuatreX electrical workbench is specifically designed to offer supreme stability, flexibility, and precision. With modern and ergonomic design combined with the high-speed electrical height adjustment this workbench is the ultimate choice for professionals who demand excellence in their work environments. Treston QuatreX meets the needs of various industries and segments, including luxury goods manufacturing, electronics manufacturingfine mechanics, logistics, light assembly, maintenance, and R&D labs.

  • Extreme stability and less vibration.
  • Flexibility and versatility - choose perforated or aluminum uprights. 
  • Four powerful motors offer the fastest adjusting speed - from down to up in less than 14 seconds.
  • Adjustment range 28" - 47.6".
  • Total max loading capacity 660 lbs. 330 lbs for the uprights.
  • ESD compatibility available.
  • World's largest selection of modular accessories for customization.


🚨 QuatreX is not a stock item and requires special ordering, so plan ahead for a longer lead time. This innovation is coming soon to the US market.

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