Cornerstone Workbenches

Every industry has the jack-of-all-trades. This is the bench for them! Cornerstone workbenches are standard tables that are suitable for a broad range of tasks, including but not limited to: testing, packing, repairing, inspecting. The Cornerstone table is rated for regular use with weights up to 2000 lbs (evenly loaded). This degree of strength is achieved by using a solid table structure. This workbench is more than just a table!

Cornerstone Accessories Now Available

Transform your workspace with the versatile Cornerstone workbench - featuring the widest range of accessories on the market! This table is perfectly tailored for any industry, including electronics manufacturing, eCommerce, and medical equipment suppliers. You'll love the customizable options that allow you to add the accessories you need for packing, fulfillment, assembly, testing, and quality assurance functions. Upgrade your workspace and maximize your productivity today!

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Cornerstone Workbenches Offer Manual Height Adjustment

Our Cornerstone height range can be adjusted from 27.56 to 40.55 inches, in 1-inch increments, making these tables suitable for work while sitting or standing. Other beneficial Cornerstone workbench features include:

  • 4-legged steel structure
  • 2000-lbs. load capacity, for even the toughest environments
  • Can be easily equipped with accessories
  • Several sizes available through QuickShip – get yours shipped in 5 days
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