Monica Vinader customer story

Customer Story

Empowering efficiency with adaptable workstations – Monica Vinader chooses Treston

Founded in 2008, Monica Vinader represents everyday luxury in jewelry, with a strong commitment to sustainability and personalization. Renowned for its use of 100% recycled gold and silver, the brand not only stands out for its exquisite designs but also for its dedication to ethical practices and customer-centric services, including embossing and engraving. This fusion of luxury, responsibility, and personal touch makes Monica Vinader a distinguished name in the global jewelry market. Treston caught up with Catarina Nascimento, Special Projects Manager at Monica Vinader to see why investing in Treston products was so important.

Monica Vinader customer story

Renowned for their elegant creations that seamlessly blend quality and individuality, Monica Vinader's commitment to precision and detail extends beyond their products - it defines them.

In their pursuit of excellence, Monica Vinader found a reliable partner in Treston. Treston, known for providing solutions in workspace design and ergonomics, has become an invaluable collaborator in achieving Monica Vinader's goals. This collaboration has significantly contributed to optimizing floor space and providing enhanced workbenches with the help of Treston's TP workbenches. Not only does this benefit the employee, but it also elevates the overall customer experience. 

The project's success hinged on finding a trusted partner who truly understood Monica Vinader and its unique requirements. Treston's expertise in workspace design and commitment to quality aligned seamlessly with Monica Vinader's values.


In pursuit of the ideal workstation: Flexible and expandable

The pursuit of a customizable, flexible, and ergonomic workstation design led Monica Vinader to Treston and their smart workspaces. Catarina notes, "The vast component and accessories list offered by Treston allowed us to collaboratively design a workbench that met Monica Vinader’s ever-evolving requirements." 

Monica Vinader customer story

The implementation of Treston workbenches showcases Monica Vinader’s commitment to fostering a distinctive and positive workspace where innovation and employee well-being are at the core of decision-making.  

Treston’s modular workstation system supports unique needs

Treston’s modular system allows Monica Vinader to have one efficiently setup workstation that can be used for multiple processes such as engraving, processing returns, and packing orders. 

With Treston’s solutions, we now have the ability to swiftly convert benches from one task to another, significantly reducing our changeover time. This is especially important in busy periods, where agility is a key requirement.

Meeting tight deadlines

From planning to implementation, the project was completed in a short period of time to ensure Monica Vinader was ready to fulfill its customer promise during Black Friday - a period of the year when demand increases significantly. Catarina mentions that “Treston quickly embarked on this journey with us, accommodating changing needs and additional accessories whenever requested.”

In summary, Monica Vinader’s partnership with Treston has proven instrumental in creating an efficient, transparent, and adaptable workspace. With Treston's innovative solutions, Monica Vinader continues to meet challenges with precision and reliability, setting the stage for continued success.

Monica Vinader customer story
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