Concept trolley

Concept Cart

  • An additional work surface with height adjustment, wheels, and an integrated bottom shelf.
  • Can be moved effortlessly.
SAP-Wagen mit neuer Unterplatte von Treston

SAP cart

  • An easily movable additional work surface with height adjustment.
  • Comes in three different sizes.
  • Also ESD protected models.
MLC mobile workstation

MLC mobile workstation

  • An ergonomic, easy-to-move workstation with height adjustment.
  • Accessories also available.
Mobile and height adjustable work surface MLCT

Mobile height adjustable work surface MLCT

  • Optimal for tight spaces, light loads and small sized objects. 
Additional worktop space is often needed in workspaces. Equipped with castors, they can be moved around easily and can also be used to transport supplies. The product family includes many models for different purposes. The Treston MLC mobile workstation is an ergonomic, adaptable standing workstation.
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