Industrial screens

Compact and sturdy dividers enable easy adaptation of any space. Modular screens are an easy way of creating more private work areas within production facilities. Add storage and tool accessories to fully-utilize the space and create standing storage solutions. All accessories of module size M30 are compatible with the screen, enhancing the use of space. Soundproofed versions are also available.

  • A robust, freestanding steel divider onto which accessories can be mounted on both sides
  • All the accessories for the M30 modules are compatible with the screen
  • The soundproofed model has fire-resistant polyurethane foam insulation behind the perforated panel
  • Screen height 72.83"
  • The standard section includes two legs (T) and 6 perforated panels (3 on each side)
  • An extension includes one leg (T, L or I) and 6 perforated panels (3 on each side)
  • Load capacity: 660 lbs per section
  • A 90º angle can be created with a pair of right-angle assembly clamps
  • Delivered unassembled
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