ESD Workbenches

ESD protected products

ESD workbench

ESD Workbenches

Modular ESD workbenches are suitable for work involving electrical components and other industrial applications.
ESD Storage systems

ESD Storage systems

Innovative ESD storage solutions feature user-oriented design and are made of quality materials that work in any space.
ESD Trolleys

ESD Carts

Ergonomic, light-to-move ESD carts make it easy to transport goods and tools around while improving productivity at work.
ESD Drawers

ESD Drawers

Treston’s comprehensive selection of ESD drawer units offers easy, efficient and ergonomic storage solutions for all kinds of supplies, parts, goods and tools.
Dual lamp

ESD Lighting

Good lighting is essential to the quality of work and the well-being of employees. In an industrial environment, the right amount of light at the right time improves productivity and reduces errors.
ESD Chair

ESD Task chairs

High-quality Treston ESD chairs, stools and saddle chairs offer excellent value for money. They are suitable for production, packing and R&D environments, as well as ESD protected areas (EPA).
ESD Accessories

ESD accessories

All ESD-compatible accessories for all our ESD products. Accessories such as earthing kits, ESD mats, ESD wrist straps and ESD mats are available.
Treston has decades of experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying ESD furniture. All our industrial workstations are available in ESD-compatible versions, with an electrically semiconductive coat of paint. We also supply industrial, ESD-compatible trolleys, shelves, cabinets, chairs, lights and accessories.
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