Transport and Shelf Treston Carts


Industrial carts suitable for any need
Treston packing carts, carts, packing

Packing carts

Handy solutions for the storage and use of packaging materials.
Storage trolleys and picking carts

Picking and storage carts

Easy-to-move carts for use in picking and storage. Several models and a wide range of accessories are available.
Heavy Duty Workshop Carts

Workshop carts

Robust carts for heavy-duty use and demanding conditions. Total load capacity up to 1323 lbs.
Treston RRT trolley for reel racks. Can hold up to 360 reel racks. ESD protected.

RRT reel-holder cart

An adjustable trolley compatible with SMD reels. An ESD protected cart can hold up to 360 reels.
Ergonomic, light-to-move carts make it easy to transport goods and tools around while improving productivity at work. Modular carts by Treston come with a range of accessories and can be easily customized for different jobs and working environments. Also with ESD protection.