Treston Elektronikbranche

Electronics Assembly

What does an effective electronics assembly workstation need? 

Simply put: a highly ergonomic workstation with ESD protection.

Electrostatic discharge damage can be costly, and since it can be difficult to detect, damaged products are often shipped without the manufacturer knowing. Today’s electronic components are often highly sensitive to even small voltage discharges, making furniture with ESD protection is extremely important for preventing ESD damage when handling them.

At the same time, electronics assembly work is highly repetitive, which means that excellent ergonomics are absolutely necessary in order to succeed. In these kinds of work environments, proper ergonomics promote efficiency and accuracy. Read our guide on how to set up an ergonomic workstation on our blog for more information.

Other basic requirements include ensuring that the space is tidy, clean, and properly organized. Our ESD-protected storage, drawers, and carts can help your staff stay organized and keep your components safe.

Our workbenches can be set up for any type of work and to fit any space. We offer fully modular industrial workbenches that can be customized with cabinets, panels, power rails, lighting, drawers, and more.

Modular Treston solutions can also be integrated into automated production lines.

Conact us today to ask about what workstation solutions can help your operation reach the next level.


See what out customers say about using our products. Our partners include:

Ericsson, GE, Goodrich Controls, LG Electronics, Nokia, Panasonic, Schneider Electric, Sony, Sennheiser, Texas Instruments, Respironics, Contec

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