Treston drawer units


Efficient Storage and Control
Treston drawer unit 30 and 35. Attached below the workbench working surface.

Drawer units 30 and 35

A slim drawer unit to be mounted under the worktop. A multi-drawer cabinet is also available. Lockable and durable. ESD protected.
Drawer unit with castors by Treston

Drawer unit 45

18" wide and lockable. ESD-protected models. 100+ drawer combinations, and a cabinet version. Dividers also available.
Drawer unit 55 - laatikosto - Treston

Drawer unit 55

A 21.65" wide, multipurpose drawer unit for storing heavy items. Available with wheels, or with/without a base.
Treston drawer unit 71, blue color. For heavy use.

Drawer unit 71

A space-saving, reduced-depth (depth 18.9") drawer unit for small spaces. Maximum load per drawer 110 lbs.
Treston Drawer unit 70. Grey body, blue drawers. Select the drawers based on your needs

Drawer unit 70

A sturdy, 27.56" wide drawer unit. Two height options, several drawer combinations. Drawer max load 440 or 165 lbs. Easy to move.
Treston drawer unit 90. Grey body, blue drawers. Ergonomic and modular drawer unit.

Drawer unit 90

A sturdy, 35.43" wide drawer unit. Two height options, several drawer combinations. Drawer max load 440/165 lbs. Easy to move.
Treston heavy drawer unit 130. Drawer open. Load capacity up to 200 kg per drawer.

Drawer unit 130

A sturdy, 51.18" wide drawer unit. Two height options, several drawer combinations. Drawer max load 440/165 lbs. Easy to move.
Sturdy Treston drawer units offer efficient solutions to various storage issues. They can be free-standing, serve as table legs, or be attached under a work surface. Attaching wheels to drawer units makes them easy to move. Several frame options (including with ESD protection) and a wide selection of drawers.

Versatile movable drawer units

The amount of time spent searching for things that do not have designated places can be surprising. The comprehensive selection of Treston drawer units offers easy, efficient, and ergonomic storage solutions for all kinds of supplies, parts, goods, and tools – everything that is needed in industrial and technological environments. Drawer units with ESD protection also function flawlessly in EPAs. 

The place of work sometimes changes, which is why most models of Treston drawer units for light-duty storage can be equipped with wheels, to help move them and their contents where needed. If necessary, a drawer unit can serve as a table frame or be attached under a work surface or to a trolley. Drawer units become sturdy stand-alone fixtures if installed on top of a base.  

Custom drawers for optimised storage

All Treston drawer units are available in different heights and can be equipped with a number of different drawer combinations and drawer accessories. Drawers can be selected based on own needs, there are over 750 combinations to choose from. The right size drawers help maximize the use of space and makes storage efficient. Drawer dividers and organizers, and various other drawer accessories, help ensure that items stay organised and in their right places, and space is not left unused. The product family also includes drawer units that have cabinets with doors instead of drawers. 

High-quality features

Steel drawer units are always durable and sturdy, even though their load capacities vary according to their purpose of use. Quality sliding mechanisms ensure that drawers are easy to use. In most models, the drawers open 100%, making it easy to access everything, no matter how far back it is. Stoppers prevent the drawers from falling off the slides, securing them even when pulled out completely.

Larger drawer units are equipped with a detachable front panel and a solid base, which means that they can be moved with a pallet jack or fork lift. A safety mechanism on a drawer for storing heavy items only allows one drawer to be opened at a time.

The maximum load capacity of a single drawer varies from 220 lbs up to 440 lbs. The color options are light grey, dark grey, blue, and red. Other colors are available upon special order. 

A locking system keeps property safe

Nearly all Treston drawer units and drawers are lockable. A three-level locking system is available for most Treston drawer units. The locking system allows both individual and identical serialization. An electronic code lock, which is a safe and contemporary solution for meeting secrecy obligations, is available for certain drawer models. 

The three-level locking system can be implemented in two ways, depending on the safety needs. 

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Drawers: Request an offer or more information

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"The Treston benches like the FT Technologies product are rugged and designed to last."
David Walch, Operations Director, FT Technologies
We knew we were going to get a quality product that would suit our DC for several different operations.
Leann Pregibon, Sr. Industrial Engineer
"We chose the Treston tables because of their adaptability and mobility."
Salvatore Lima, Vice Principal/Science Supervisor
"Treston was a great partner in designing a custom packing bench and worktable solution for Christie’s."
Emily Sarokin, Christie's Auction House NYC
"At Treston, we have found the solution with ESD-compliant and electrically height-adjustable tables."
Jan Müller, Production Planner, Stiebel Eltron
"Treston was our choice as it gave us lighting, flexibility, expandability and value for our money."
Reinhard Gohe, Commercial Product Support Manager, BU Power
"As we expand our production, we will be using Treston's technical furniture again."
Achim Schuster, Production Manager, KITE Electronics