Treston Electric Desk TED

The Treston Electric Desk TED comes with quick, silent, and wide height adjustment allowing for a tailored experience for each individual. This ergonomic sit-stand desk perfectly suits light-duty assembly work, packing applications, R&D, and industrial offices. The desk can be customized with accessories that further enhance ergonomics, free desk space, and provide order. The table withstands high loads and is stable at all heights.

  • Wide Height Adjustment Range: 24.8" - 50" (25.2" Range Total)
  • Quick & Silent Adjustment: 1" per sec.
  • Four Sizes: Depth 31.5" and Widths 35.4", 43.3", 59.1", or 70.9"
  • ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) Protected Model Available
  • Desk Load Capacity: 440 lbs; Above-Desk Add-Ons: 176 lbs
  • Reliable Nordic Choice, Compliant with Standards
  • Adapts to Different Needs with Multiple Accessories (Swivel arms for screens and document holders, shelves with carton dividers, lights, castors, perforated back panel for tools, bins, etc.)

Lightweight TED Desks & Accessories Now Available

The TED workbench is designed to be sturdy yet lightweight for work environments that require flexibility, customization, and productivity. Not only do we have several TED electric desk sizes for sale at Treston, but we also offer several accessories to enhance your working experience. Attach your TED workbench with an industrial use accessory, like steel shelves, LED lights, drawer units, PC stands, and more. Our goal is to help you increase efficiency and achieve your production goals without compromising the well-being of your workers. The TED electric desk is an excellent solution for several industries and focuses such as laboratories.

Request a Quote on TED Light-Duty Work Desks from Treston

Do you need to order an electric TED desk quickly? Be sure to fill out the Request a Quote form on this page and the workbench specialists at Treston will be able to assist you. We also encourage you to explore our other options for sale in the workbench inventory to ensure you select the right surface and station accessories for your workspace. If you need to visualize your workspace with the addition of a new TED electric workbench, you can use our 3D Design Tool for free online! The experts at Treston will be here to assist you with any questions along the way; contact us now to get started.

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