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Bins and bin cabinets

Wide selection of stacking bins

Stacking bins

Bins that stack firmly on top of each other. An open front makes picking faster. Also, an eco-friendly recycled plastic option.
Wide selection of shelf bins

Shelf bins

  • A series of durable, quality bins.
  • 11 sizes, and a label with cover as standard.
  • Fits seamlessly into standard shelving systems.
Stacking bin racks

Stacking bin racks

  • Sturdy stands provide easy access to parts and products.
  • A flow rack makes work more efficient.
Treston storage bin cabinets

Storage bin cabinets

  • Sturdy storage bin cabinets for various storage needs.
  • Three sizes and a wide range of accessories. 
Treston Kleinteilemagazine sind eine gute Aufbewahrungslösung für Kleinstartikel. Klarsicht-Schubladen. Auch in ESD-Ausführung erhältlich

Small-parts storage cabinets

  • Functional bin cabinets for storing small parts.
  • Two sizes and several bin combinations to meet every need.
Treston spacemicer is a great storage solution that stores hundreds of different items.


  • Optimize the use of space and maximize the number of separate bins and compartments for thousands of small items.
Storage, picking and small bins

Storage, picking and small bins

  • Robust storage bins with handles, and picking and small bins for all-round functional storage.
  • Also with ESD protection.
Storage bins and storage units provide small-parts storage and easy piece-picking solutions. The wide selection of durable products ensures efficient storage of items of various shapes and sizes. Bin material choices include environmentally friendly recycled plastic and wood-based bioplastic options. Also ESD options.
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