Stacking bins

Stacking bins provide easy access to the items stored in them as the products can be seen through the open front. Parts and products stored in stacking bins can be easily moved from one place to another by hand thanks to the front design. The bins can be placed on a cart, workbench or a shelf, and most models have a back design which allows them to be mounted on a bin rail or a bin rack. Dividers, that can be ordered separately, and the ability to firmly stack the bins of the same size, help ensure that space is used efficiently.

  • Open front design: products are easy to see and pick, and the bins are easy to move by hand.
  • Two material choices: environmentally friendly Treston ReBOX made 100% of recycled plastic and classic plastic bins.
  • The sturdy classic plastic bins come in 8 different sizes, have many bright color options and a clear see-through model. This product line also has a wavy bottom to help picking of items. Accessories can be separately ordered including labels with covers and side-to-side dividers for the larger models.
  • The environmentally friendly and economic Treston ReBOX bins come in 7 different sizes. ReBOX bins have a grey color but the tint may slightly vary due to ink residues. The large white labels always come as standard. Some models are longitudinally dividable.
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