Hooks and tool brackets

Our range includes over 50 different tool brackets and hooks for efficient and organized tool storage. All tool holders and hooks are easy to attach to perforated panels. With the help of perforated panels, you can easily integrate the tool holders and hooks into Treston's workbenches, carts, cabinets, industrial screens, and tool storage systems. By combining perforated panels with tool brackets and hooks, you can easily create wall-mounted tool storage.

  • The most robust tool brackets and hooks can support up to 22 lbs.
  • Most of the tool brackets and hooks are sold in packs of 5.
  • Ready-made tool holder sets for various purposes are also available.

Ready-made hook sets help you to get started. Choose the most suitable hook set for your needs from the following possibilities:
Hook set 1: Basic light hook set
Hook set 2: Basic hook set for hand tools
Hook set 3: Hook set for perforated tool cabinet
Hook set 4: All inclusive set for hand tools
Hook set 5: Hook set for heavy tools in perforated tool cabinet

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