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Packing and logistics

For small web shops as well as big scale logistics industry players, it is important to meet the demands of today’s packing and logistics industries. This means workspaces need to be able to process large volumes of goods quickly. To achieve these necessary levels of efficiency, facilities need to be set up with lean solutions in mind. But what’s the best layout for your packing work area? The experts at Treston can help you design and assemble it based on your operation’s exact needs.

How Do You Design A Lean Packing Station?

Lean process improvement is contingent upon having the right ergonomic setup for your assembly staff. The better a workstation’s ergonomics, the more efficient material flow will be. All furniture your staff interact with should have everything set up properly within the three reach zones. All frequently used packaging materials need to be easily accessible within the primary or neutral reach zone. Materials that are less commonly used should be in the secondary or maximum reach zone. Objects that are rarely needed should be kept in storage units such as elevated mounted upright shelves or cabinets in the outer or extended reach zone. Treston’s ergonomic workbenches can be customized with these principles in mind help your operation achieve its goals while keeping your staff comfortable.

Packing Station Ergonomics

With the demands of the packing and logistics industries only increasing, fulfillment centers need innovative solutions to keep ahead of the curve. Treston’s modular workstations are able to meet these demands by combining the traditionally separate packing and shipping areas into one fluid pack and ship station that can be fully utilized by a single employee. Our integrated packing and shipping stations can be customized to meet the needs of your facility with shelves for boxes and envelopes, tape dispensers, void fill machines, scales set into the work surface, and more. Everything your staff needs to quickly pack and ship goods can be placed within easy reach, helping you cut down on redundancies and increasing overall throughput. Modular packing workstations can service companies from sports and clothing stores to medical supplies or electronics distributors - wherever efficient packing stations are needed.  

Read our guide on how to build an integrated packing and shipping station on the Treston blog.

Where Do I Start?

Treston is dedicated to creating human spaces in the workplace. Our experts are here to help analyze your facility and workflow to identify ways to optimize your efficiency. Reach out today to speak with one of our specialists to start designing the perfect packing and shipping workstation, or use our 3D configurator to make your own!

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