Treston Smart workspace ESD

ESD protection improves quality

ESD damage is hard to detect and often invisible

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden flow of electricity which happens when two electrically charged objects come in contact. If powerful enough, the ESD can be felt, seen, or even heard by humans. Such an occurrence is called an electricstatic shock.

However, electronic components and products, handled in many workplaces nowadays, can be affected in lower voltages, undetectable by humans, and ESD damage might happen. These ESD defects can often be neither seen nor detected in final testing. Nevertheless, they can cause problems in the end-product, for example, by weakening its durability or changing its functionality.

ESD protection is worth the investment

To avoid ESD damage, proper ESD protection should be ensured by building an EPA, which is an ESD protected area in which electronic components, parts, and products can be handled safely. The main role in an EPA is played by furniture with ESD protection.

Ensuring ESD protection is especially important in the electronics industry, but the increasing use of electronics in all kinds of products is leading to the introduction of EPAs in more and more workplaces in industrial and technical environments.

It is worth investing in ESD protection because preventing ESD damage from happening is usually more cost-effective than repairing and replacing damaged products. Large amounts of damaged products can also have an effect on the company’s image and the value of its brand.

Download the free e-book for more information on ESD protection and on the preparation and construction of an EPA.


See what our customers say

"The Treston benches like the FT Technologies product are rugged and designed to last."
David Walch, Operations Director, FT Technologies
We knew we were going to get a quality product that would suit our DC for several different operations.
Leann Pregibon, Sr. Industrial Engineer
"We chose the Treston tables because of their adaptability and mobility."
Salvatore Lima, Vice Principal/Science Supervisor
"Treston was a great partner in designing a custom packing bench and worktable solution for Christie’s."
Emily Sarokin, Christie's Auction House NYC
"At Treston, we have found the solution with ESD-compliant and electrically height-adjustable tables."
Jan Müller, Production Planner, Stiebel Eltron
"Treston was our choice as it gave us lighting, flexibility, expandability and value for our money."
Reinhard Gohe, Commercial Product Support Manager, BU Power
"As we expand our production, we will be using Treston's technical furniture again."
Achim Schuster, Production Manager, KITE Electronics