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INFOGRAPHIC: The 5S Principles for a Safe and Efficient Workplace 12.4.2019 | Carissa Harris

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Carissa Harris

Carissa Harris is the Marketing Communications Director for Treston Inc.
5S is a phrase that refers to workplace organization and standardization for lean process improvement. It is how we have our areas organized, free of clutter, efficient, safe, and pleasant to work in. It is considered a cornerstone for companies pursuing Lean Enterprise. It lays the groundwork and develops the discipline necessary to support the successful implementation of other Lean concepts throughout an organization.


INFOGRAPHIC: 5S Principles for a Safe and Efficient Workplace
5S Principles for a Safe and Efficient Workplace - Learn more or get started with Treston

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In Summary - The 5S Principles Explained

In case you are unable to view our infographic or would like more explanation, here are each of the 5S principles and what they mean for a safer and more efficient workplace:

Sort - Prioritize and determine which components are most important, and remove any clutter that is unnecessary and causing delay or risk.

Set in Order - Understand the order of operations and the necessary placement and location of each component. Organization is key!

Shine - Keep everything in peak condition by cleaning, maintaining, and inspecting. If there are any faults that cause risk or delay, consider fixes or replacements.

Standardize - Create a set of rules and expectations for the first three S's so there is a universal understanding of how things are sorted, where things go, and how frequently to care for and inspect things.

Sustain - Don't lose momentum! Keep the S's going to ensure ongoing safety and efficiency. Review standardized rules to ensure they're still the best practices for sorting, setting in order, and shining.

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