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Ronawk uses Treston shelving in biotech lab

When Ronawk initially started out, the bio-tech startup operated out of a small 300 sq ft office space on a single bench, which held a computer, a 3D printer, and a microscope. After receiving additional funding, Ronawk made a significant upgrade by relocating to a spacious 4,000 sq ft laboratory that had previously been a veterinary training facility. By utilizing the existing lab tables and incorporating Treston's Utility Support Uprights, Ronawk expanded their storage capacity. Now, after three years in this location, Ronawk's lab operates with exceptional productivity. (1)

AJ Mellott Ronawk CEO
AJ Mellott, CEO of Ronawk

[Treston's USU shelves] have been great. It's been a productive lab so the shelves and space got well utilized quickly.

Ronawk Lab with USU
Ronawk laboratory with USU shelving


About Ronawk - Accelerating Next-Generation Therapies:

Ronawk's Bio-Block Universe accelerates time to result by removing subculture, increasing biological yield by allowing cells to produce microenvironments as they would in the body, and creating an expandable environment without adding extensive time, labor, or costs.

The impact is an increase in cell and biological opportunities while maintaining cell and tissue viability, key characteristics, and secretion of therapeutic biologics while lowering contamination risk.



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