Durable, Efficient Organization for the Automotive Industry

For over four decades, Treston has been a leading manufacturer of industrial workbenches, accessories, and storage systems. Treston considers the human factor within a workspace, and pays particular attention to the needs of the user in order to gain the most efficiency and productivity within a workspace. The design of Treston products is also stylish with attention to details for a first-class look. High quality materials and careful design ensure that an investment in Treston will provide functional solutions for decades.

In the automotive industry, conditions are often demanding. Lubricants and other chemicals, heavy loads, and demanding conditions require robustness and durability. A large number of tools is often needed, making organization very important. Computers and sensitive tools must also be protected from dust and dirt. Treston products have a high loading capacity, and they are suitable for all kinds of industries where heavy objects are handled. They are very durable and extremely resistant against chemicals and impacts. Thus they are ideal for car and motorcycle companies and their subcontractors, aviation industry, workshops, garages, and service units, where chemicals and heavy use necessitate strength and durability.

Treston offers a wide range of products ideal for the automotive industry, including cabinets, workbenches, shelving, hooks and trolleys. A variety of accessories are also available to create a fully developed and functional workshop. Treston's storage solutions are extremely versatile and can be adapted or expanded according to the needs of the user.

We have collaborated with Continental Automotive Systems, Ford Motor Company, General Motors,  Saleen, and other automotive supply chain subcontractors.

Our references:

Ford Motor Reserach & Engineering (Nanjing), Continental Automotive Systems (Shanghai), Delphi Packard Electric Systems, PSA, Renault, Sisu Trucks, RATP, SNCF, VR Oy

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