MAKERSPACES - Where the World's Next Great Innovations Begin

Makerspaces, sometimes called hackerspaces or fablabs, are a rising trend, particularly on college campuses. These spaces are community locations where students or groups can gather to create, build, and share ideas. Outside of a formal education, makerspaces provide an informal, beyond-the-classroom approach to sharing ideas and hands-on learning amongst peers. While makerspaces are usually structured for use in fields such as engineering and technology (STEM), they are also used for disciplines such as art and woodworking. With shared equipment and tools, students of all backgrounds and levels have access to the resources needed for their projects.

A makerspace is where society’s next great ideas begin and makerspace benches should be worthy of that greatness.

Treston workstation products have a proven history of providing innovative companies with solutions that shape society. From advancements in transportation and space exploration, to consumer electronics and medical advancements, Treston has developed quality products for companies with great ideas. Treston offers students that same level of quality workspace design for their makerspaces.


Light-Duty Makerspace Benches

Ideal for basic use or workspace


TP LMT (light-duty motor table)  
Loads up to 600 lbs Loads up to 330 lbs  


Heavy-Use Makerspace Benches

Ideal for holding heavy equipment

Concept Cornerstone Workshop
Loads up to 1100 lbs Loads up to 1500 lbs Loads up to 1650 lbs


Add accessories to any bench to complete your workspace!

Treston offers a wide range of accessories, including: power bars, shelves, lighting, CPU holders and monitor arms, bin rails, locking drawer units and cabinets, tool panels, and more! Click the links below to explore some of Treston's options.

Tool Panels Upright Accessories  


Storage Products

Complete your makerspace with storage! When all tools and equipment have their place, a makerspace can run efficiently and safely. Treston offers bins, drawers and cabinets, with options for locking.


Drawer Units Cabinets  
Bins Small Parts Cabinets  

Chairs and Stools

A makerspace is complete with an ergonomic chair or stool. With 36 SKUs and a variety of add-on accessories, there is a chair for every use!

Chairs Stools

Wall Shelving

Treston wall shelving is the ideal solution for adding plenty of storage in a small space. With this system, vertical rails hang from a single horizontal rail attached to the wall. Shelves, cabinets, and other upright accessories are added, making this the easiest wall shelving to install and reconfigure as needs change.

Wall Shelving  

Task Lighting

When working on small projects, proper lighting is important. Treston offers a wide variety of lighting units, including ESD-safe lights.

Task Lights    



You can design your custom makerspace using our Treston 3D Configurator online design tool! Follow 4 easy steps and watch your makerspace come to life on your screen. It has never been easier to design a custom workspace! Click here to begin.

For more information on Treston Makerspaces, please contact a Treston representative!