Modular drawers and drawer units for light and heavy loads in all major industrial sectors

Always where you need them
Since work is not always performed in the same place, we provide a comprehensive range of different drawer units for a variety of purposes.

You can attach any drawer unit from the same series under a worktop or on a base unit or equip them with casters to take along from one work place to the next.

Efficient storage and control
Our drawer units are great for storing tools and supplies. It can be surprising how much time is spent finding tools and other items if they are not stored systematically. The versatile interior combinations of our drawer units guarantee that your tools and supplies are always at hand and in good order.

A comprehensive range of drawer units
We promise that you will find a drawer unit that meets your requirements in our comprehensive range. Our drawer units can be roughly divided into two categories: they are designed either for light or heavy loads. You can choose from several different heights and drawer and interior combinations. We have selected some combinations for this brochure. Please ask about other available options: