TP Workstation

The classically designed TP workbench is the ideal basic bench, the simplest and the most cost-effective option in our range of workbenches.

TP workbenches are standard benches that are suitable for a broad range of tasks and environments when fitted with accessories. TP bench is guaranteed for regular use with loads up to 660 lbs.

Designed for use in today’s production and assembly environments, this definitive modular system, developed over more than 35 years, provides a high quality working environment. Customize your workstation to your own requirements.

The height of workbenches in our TP range can be steplessly adjusted from 27.5-47.2 inches, which makes these benches suitable for work while sitting or standing. Packing is a typical example of work where the workbench height must be set correctly for the height of the user.





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workbench with upright frame
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