Ergonomic Workstations

Treston is a leading manufacturer of industrial and ergonomic workstations. Our modular design of workstations enables proper ergonomics. With a wide range of accessories and adjustments, Treston can provide customers with a customized solution using standard components. Modularity and accessories are individually adjustable according to the task and human requirements.

Industrial Workstations Redefined

Treston`s workstations and accessories can be adjusted for operators of different heights working with left or right hand. Correctly adjusted workstations decrease stress in the muscles and enable productive work through the shift.

Benefits of an ergonomic workstation from Treston include: 

Higher Productivity: Many studies show that proper ergonomics in the workplace leads to less downtime and more efficiency. 

Safer Workplace: Workplace injuries are serious and costly. Ergonomic furniture results in fewer injuries and less inventory damage.

Employee Satisfaction Keeping your employees happy is a must. Providing them with a comfortable work environment can lead to higher retention and productivity rates.

More Flexibility: Want to sit or stand? No problem! Our modular designs give you the customization you need and allow our workstations to be modified easily.

No matter your needs, Treston has the industrial furniture solution. We're proud to offer motorized workstation desks, lab tables, packing solutions, and more.

Browse our inventory below or create a custom workstation with our easy-to-use 3D Configurator!