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3 Steps to Starting Your Year with Proper Ergonomics 2.1.2020 | Carissa Harris

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Carissa Harris

Carissa Harris is the Marketing Communications Director for Treston Inc.
It’s a New Year, and with it comes a fresh beginning, a time when many are making New Year’s resolutions (and keeping them of course). While most consider personal resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, or pay off debts, there are also many business-related goals to aspire to in the new year. Among them is the resolution to be more successful and productive in their workplace.

Treston’s core focus revolves around making our customer’s workplaces better, and at the heart of this ideology is ergonomics. We understand that when their work is easier, more comfortable, and less stressful, companies become more efficient and more profitable.

Below are three tips for implementing ergonomics to help you increase your productivity in the new year.

  1. Research and Create a Plan

A good place to begin is to research and create a plan. Having a plan before you begin will save you from what could be very costly mistakes down the road. You must also research in order to find the best possible fit for your company as a whole and your employees as individual workers. You can avoid short-term spending if you make the right long-term decision now. Take a while to understand what ergonomics is and what type of furniture and tools are out there to help make up an ergonomic setting. Having knowledge now will make it easier later when you are reviewing products or speaking to vendors.

Now, research vendors and narrow down your selection. Interview and question each, documenting customization options, pricing, and more. Having all of this information in one place in the plan can help in the decision-making process and allow you to be confident in your last direction.

  1. Remember the Not-So-Obvious

Many parts all working together create a comfortable, functional, efficient workspace. To determine the correct ergonomic equipment for a workstation, you’ll want to evaluate several factors. Some questions you’ll want to ask to help determine the products you will need include:

  • Does the work require sitting or standing (or both)?
  • Does the workbench surface cater to the person and the tasks that are being executed?
  • What type of chair is best?
  • Where should monitors be placed?
  • Does lighting affect work and how?
  • Other factors, such as keyboard distance, placement of bins or trays, ventilation?
  • Flexibility, adjustability, customization?

All of these factors are important, as each can have a tremendous impact on the productivity of your company.

  1. Happiness is a Goal

Quality workspaces often make for happier employees. If workers feel better, they will work and perform at a higher level. This makes for a more productive and profitable company that can reinvest in its employees in other ways (incentives, benefits, retreats, etc). The workspace plays a critical role in that circular system for creating employee happiness and boosting overall morale.

If the happiness of employees is not enough, don’t forget the long-term financial effects of a proper ergonomic-friendly work environment. Fewer workplace injuries, reduced turnaround, and greater output. Customized ergonomic furniture may cost more than low-quality workstations today, but the investment in the correct equipment will pay for itself with increased productivity and output.

Get Started on Your Annual Productivity Goals with Treston Today

If one of your goals for the new year is to increase productivity and ultimately profitability, Treston has a wide variety of ergonomic workspace options to ensure success for you and your workers. From benches and accessories to carts and storage, Treston offers the complete workspace solution. We even have a new ergonomics assessment service, Treston ErgoID™, that will help get you started on your ergonomics journey!

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