Treston TED teollisuuden sähköpöytä

Launch: Electric Desk TED with quick, silent and wide height adjustment 

Quick, silent, wide reach. We could be describing a Big Cat, but these same qualities come with the new Treston Electric Desk TED. 

TED goes down as low as 24.8" and all the way up to 50", quickly and silently at 1" per second, giving the user the possibility to easily adjust the table in a range of 25.2".

A large and quick adjustment range serves especially well in light-duty assembly work and packing applications, where the handled items can vary from big to small. A desk with a quick and wide adjustment range helps keep employees’ work comfortable and ergonomic throughout the workday. 

The desk can be serving well also R&D laboratories as well as industrial offices, as it withstands loads of 440 lbs, and the desk can be accessorized in multiple ways to serve different needs. The above- and below-desk accessories, such as swivel arms for screens, shelves with carton dividers and castors, enhance ergonomics, free desk space and provide order often expected in Lean compliant industrial environments.

Have a look at this newest addition in our workbench selection in more detail from the TED web page  


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