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Wide variety of bench styles
  • Choose from 3 frame styles: 4-leg, light motor table, or C-leg manual
  • All frames are height adjustable and able to be equipped with casters
  • Standard light grey powder-coated ESD paint
  • 90+ SKUs available
Large selection of accessories
  • Accessories include: shelves, lighting, power, storage, drawers, and more!



Ready to ship in just 5 days!
  • Products ship from Treston warehouse in Canton, GA

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TP 4-Leg Bench LMT Light Motorized Table Concept C-Leg Bench




Casters Uprights Light/Balancer Rails LED Lights Equipment Shelves
Shelves with Lips Bin Rails Horizontal Power Rails Vertical Power Rails LCD Arms
Footrests Stacking Bin Kits Shelf Bin Kits ESD Small Parts Cabinets  


Tool Storage:

TKT tool storage system





tool storage hooks

TKT Tool Storage Unit Hook Sets 1 and 2


Preconfigured Units:

Frame + Top +
Single Bay Uprights
Frame + Top +
Double Bay Uprights