Electronics Assembly, Test & Repair

Work in electronics has many repetitive tasks, making ergonomics a vital design criterion. The workstation must also be adaptable to meet changing requirements. Cleanliness, tidiness, ESD protection, and organization are also very important.

Our process-orientated workstation design, good lighting conditions, and clean working environment ensure high productivity. Our workstations are modular, which make frequent layout and process updates very easy. All of our products are available with ESD protection when necessary. Our workstations are ideal for many applications that deal with small detail objects common in electronic manufacturing. Applications include; PCB manufacturing processes, component and package assembly, box build assembly,  final product assembly and testing, quality control, and repair. The Treston workstation systems may be combined with the TrestonMultiLine™ assembly solution to develop seamless material flow assembly lines.

Customers Treston serves in the electronics industry

Angiomed GmbH,  B.Braun, Respironics, Maquet, GlaxoSmith Medical, Sanofi, GE Healthcare Finland, Palodex Finland, AirLiquid Medical, Texas Instruments


Customer case study on Goodrich UK