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Treston lab benches provide the lab user with the highest quality and most flexible lab system, adapting to the demanding needs and changing equipment in the lab of today and tomorrow. Ergonomically our systems accommodate the necessary lab equipment while maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. They are robust and extremely flexible, easily adapting to individual needs, new equipment, and changes in environment or work. Carefully selected materials and ingenious design provide maximum durability, stability and usability even under maximum load. 

Evolving technology and changing dynamics in today’s modern laboratory have imposed new and exciting challenges. Finding multi-functional and user-friendly laboratory furniture shouldn’t be one of them. With this in mind, we created the Treston laboratory product line - solutions that satisfy even the most demanding lab users. Properly designed systems keep a lab running efficiently while placing a strong emphasis on health and safety. You can find our solutions in R & D, institutional, industrial, medical, forensics, and many other laboratory environments all over the world. Treston lab products help create lab environments that are not only efficient and functional, but highly attractive and cost efficient as well.

Our partners include:
Aalto University, GlaxoSmithKline, Nokia Solutions Networks, Roche, Fimlab Laboratories, Finnish Red Cross Blood services, Berkley National Laboratories, Covance Central Labs, Renmatix, BioMed Realty, Millipore Corp

Ergonomic Concept workbench is versatile, modular and durable table, ideal for industrial needs

Concept workbench

A versatile workbench. Many sizes, the widest range of accessories on the market. Available with ESD protection. Max load 1100lbs.
LMT light electric table suits the needs of light industrial setups and technical office work

LMT workbench

A multipurpose electric workbench for light industry. A broad height range, quickly adjustable, many accessories. Max load 330 lbs
Treston TP workbench is a cost-efficient basic industrial workbench with a wide variety of accessories

TP workbench

A cost-effective, ideal basic 4-leg workbench with an excellent selection of accessories. Also w/ ESD protection. Max 660lbs.
Treston USU extracted

Utility Support Uprights

USU uprights are attached directly to a top and allow for easy access to utilities without reducing the usable work surface area.